4 Habits That Actually Damage Your HVAC

Are you guilty of these habits?

  1. Forgetting to change the air filter regularly.The air filter is the front runner of your HVAC system. If it isn’t in good condition, it won’t be able to properly repel dust and pollutants from entering your home. When that happens, your loved ones will be more prone to developing allergies. On top of that, your HVAC system won’t be functioning as well as it should either! Make it a habit to have your air filter replaced by Mitchell Heating every few months.
  2. Closing certain vents and registers.A lot of people tend to do that in order to redirect the airflow of their HVAC system. However, doing that forces your system to go against its intended design and eventually leads to damage.Aside from tampering with the vents and registers, you should also be careful not to keep your system blocked by furniture. Failing to keep the area free from obstruction will not only render your HVAC system less efficient, but it will unjustly increase your electric bills, too.
  3. Adjusting the thermostat frequently.Did you know that constantly shutting your HVAC system on and off stresses the machine? As a result, it brings strain and increases the unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.Rather than that, you should set your HVAC system at optimum temperature. If you have concerns about your HVAC installation in Colorado Springs, you can reach out to us.
  4. Doing DIY repairs.If you manage to tinker with the wrong parts, there’s a good chance that it would destroy your whole system. As a result, you’d have to spend more money to get a replacement.However, if you decide to rely on us for Air Conditioning Services in Colorado Springs, you will have someone accountable for the repair status of your equipment. That’s not all, you can also rest assured that the problem will be taken care of in the best possible way as well! Wouldn’t that be the smarter option?