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As the Colorado summer sun looms ahead, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. Fortunately, Mitchell Heating, your trusted HVAC expert serving Denver and Colorado Springs, is here to keep you cool and your wallet happy with our exciting summer promotions! From June 1st onwards, get ready to take advantage of incredible deals designed to keep your home comfortable while saving you money.

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Summer Promotions

$79.00 AC Tune

Up for New Customers: Let’s kick off the summer season with a refreshing offer! For all new customers, Mitchell Heating is offering a comprehensive AC tune-up for just $79.00. Ensure your air conditioning system is running efficiently and smoothly to beat the heat without breaking the bank. Please note that this offer is exclusively for new customers and does not apply to those who have previously done business with us or are VIP members.

$75.00 Off Any Repair

Is your AC acting up just when you need it the most? Don’t sweat it! With Mitchell Heating, you can enjoy $75.00 off any repair service. Our experienced technicians will swiftly diagnose and fix any issues, restoring cool comfort to your home in no time.

Save $150.00 on a New Humidifier Install

Combat dry indoor air and enhance your home’s comfort with a new humidifier installation. Whether you prefer a bypass, fan-powered, or steam humidifier, Mitchell Heating has you covered. Plus, save $150.00 on your installation, making it easier and more affordable to achieve the perfect balance of moisture in your home.

Save $50.00 on New UV Light Installation

Breathe easier and enjoy cleaner air with a new UV light installation from Mitchell Heating. UV lights effectively kill airborne pathogens, allergens, and mold, improving indoor air quality and promoting a healthier living environment. Take advantage of our summer promotion and save $50.00 on the installation of a new UV light.

Save $300 on AC Replacement or Installation

Is your current AC struggling to keep up with the summer heat? It might be time for an upgrade! Mitchell Heating is offering substantial savings on AC replacement and installation services. Save $300.00 on AC replacement or $500.00 on a new AC install, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable throughout the summer months.

Colorado Springs New Construction

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Custom & Track Builders

We’re always accepting new builders. If you are looking for a cost-effective trade partner who puts quality first, look no further.

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You can always count on the team at Mitchell Heating and Cooling for all your HVAC needs. Whether you need a professional to work on your heating system, furnace, water heater, air conditioning system, or humidifier, we are more than capable of shouldering the task! We can repair, maintain, or sell you a replacement HVAC or related system of your choice. 

Air Purification

Here at Mitchell Heating and Cooling, we’re all about comfort. The air you breathe can play an important part in that. A Whole-Home Air Purifier will remove pollutants like allergens, bacteria, dust, toxins, and odors so that the air you breathe will be much healthier. Better air quality can improve your immune system, lead to deeper sleep, and an overall better feeling of health.


The technicians from Mitchell Heating and Cooling are a trusted provider of humidifier repair services to commercial and residential properties throughout the Colorado Springs area. We want to help you get the most of the benefits that a whole-home air humidifier can bring to your property with no problems along the way


A bad thermostat can be detected when your AC or furnace is not turning on, your HVAC systems are not turning off, the thermostat not responding, your HVAC system is short-cycling. The Mitchell heating team will make sure all of your Thermostat issues are resolved. 

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