When to Repair Vs. When to Replace Your HVAC

Maintaining your home is a full-time job and the last thing you probably want to think about is your heating and cooling system. When your HVAC breaks down, you’re on the phone with the HVAC contractor as soon as possible, praying for a quick fix. But is a simple repair possible or is it time for a new unit? Read on to find out if you should cash in on a new HVAC system.



Strange odors coming from your vents could mean a variety of problems, including mold and mildew as well as leaking refrigerant.Consider the Age of the Unit

The age of your HVAC is an important factor in whether repairs make sense. In general, experts believe your HVAC should be replaced every ten to fifteen years. Regardless, if your unit is more than eight years old, it may not make sense to make lofty repairs. If the repairs in question are not simple, it might be worth it to upgrade. That being said, if your unit is older but not quite to the ten-year mark, consult an HVAC Contractor before you make any decisions.




Consider How Often Your Unit Breaks Down

If your HVAC is breaking down consistently and you’re racking up repair bills, it may be time to cash in on a new one. Those repair bills are certainly adding up if you’re calling in a technician every few months and replacing that old unit may save you time and money in the long run.



Consider the Cost of Repairs

If your unit is more than ten years old and you’re worried about the cost of repairs in comparison with cashing in on a new one, the new one is likely the better investment. HVACs are bound to need servicing every once in a while but older units are expensive to maintain and invest in a new one will likely save you money in the long run. Saving for a new one typically makes more sense than continually putting money into saving an old one.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Are you constantly too cold or too hot in your home? Are your energy bills getting outrageous despite regular maintenance? If your unit is struggling to keep up with your climate control needs, it’s a sure sign you need a new one. Your HVAC has one job and if it’s not doing it to your standards anymore, a replacement is needed.