Cleaning Your HVAC Filter: Everything You Need to Know

Hand holding an HVAC filter being removed from the unit

Homeowners should learn how to clean an AC filter. Not only are you ensuring improved air quality in the house, but you’re also reducing costs since you don’t have to replace the filters frequently. In this guide, you’ll learn why you should clean your AC filters, the tools you need, the different types of filters,…

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What’s the Average Cost of Gas Furnace Replacement?

Gas Furnace

Furnaces are necessary for homes in locations that experience cold winters. Without it, your home can get uncomfortably cold quickly during the harsh winter months. It’s not an exaggeration to say that surviving winter in a home without a proper furnace is challenging. Portable heating devices can only do so much to keep your household…

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What Is Forced Air Heating vs. Central?

Central Air System

When it comes to HVAC systems, there are technical terms that can be confusing to a shopper who simply wants to add or replace a system and be done with it. The two most common terms you’ll encounter are central air vs. forced air – and people sometimes confuse these two as the same thing.…

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Why There’s Ice on Your Air Conditioner?

With the Denver summer weather in full swing, your A/C is working overtime to keep you cool and comfortable. You would like to rely on your A/C to last all summer long unfortunately, unexpected issues can happen. When someone calls in with A/C issues the first thing we usually ask is “Are there signs of…

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